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Don’t Confuse Being A Freelancer With Being A Blogger And Vice Versa

by in Lifestyle on Aug 5th, 2013

The terms “blogger” and “freelancer” are often used interchangeably to describe ourselves, but it’s important to differentiate between the two to minimize disappointment and maximize profitability. One can certainly be a blogger with a freelance business or a freelancer with a blog. However, to do one successfully requires a different skillset. I’m a blogger first [...]

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Yakezie Member Post: Luke1428 Born Out of Inspiration

in Featured on Apr 14th, 2014
Picture of runner with medal after running the Atlanta Marathon

Who inspires you? Is that too serious a question to begin a Yakezie new member post? Perhaps, but it’s extremely relevant for me because I think about this every time I sit down to write. Dwelling on this keeps my writing focused on my mission. Above all, as noted here on Yakezie recently, it allows [...]

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The Most Important Aspect Of Being A Successful Blogger

by in Lifestyle on Apr 7th, 2014
happy successful blogger

I love how here on Yakezie we all come together for our love and interest in blogging, personal finance, lifestyle topics, and helping each other. I wouldn’t be where I am today as a blogger without Yakezie and the support of so many Members and Challengers. I knew so little about websites and blogging before [...]

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How To Win At Everything Online

by in Personal Finance on Mar 31st, 2014

One blogger I’ve been mentoring over the past year asked me the other day, “How can I ever win one of those blogging awards? I see some blogs get award after award and they aren’t that good. Their traffic isn’t that high and their content isn’t very original. Yet some sites have much better content [...]

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Another Reason To Focus On Affiliate Advertising And Not Direct Advertising

by in Personal Finance on Mar 24th, 2014

For a couple years I’ve been encouraging fellow bloggers to really de-emphasize sponsored posts and text link ads on their main site(s) – or sites they care about not getting crushed by Google. Google has helped expedite the decline of direct advertising with its frequent algorithmic changes and warnings. It’s understandable to go after the [...]

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Yakezie Theta Membership Class Is Now Open!

by in Featured on Mar 5th, 2014
Yakezie Theta Membership Class Is Now Open! Thumbnail

Greetings all Challengers! For those of you who joined the challenge before August 1, 2013 please fill out the questionnaire to be considered a Yakezie Theta Class Member. If you are within 30 days short of the six month period, you should still apply for consideration as this process takes about a month. If you [...]

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How To Make Money Quitting Your Job
  • thefrugalweds: That’s so awesome, Brian! Congratulations :-) We are certainly big fans of Luke1428 and wish you...
  • Brian@Luke1428: Haha…it is crazy…especially that one spring where she was doing tax season, school and...
  • Brian@Luke1428: Appreciate it Eliza. Congrats as well, on your inclusion in this class.
  • Brian@Luke1428: Thanks Barbara. I was very nervous when I first started, wondering whether I would enjoy this much...
  • Squirrelers: Congrats on becoming a part of the network! I enjoyed your story. By the way, while I’m no longer...
  • HappySimpleLiving: Congratulations Brian, proud fellow member of the Theta class! I really enjoyed your post, and...
  • Barbara Friedberg: Hi Brian, Best of luck. Glad you are enjoying the writing. It’s the quite important :) if...
  • Brian@Luke1428: It seems like I should have known as popular as they have become in contemporary culture. Reading...
  • Brian@Luke1428: It was very intense. She would come home from work and study until about midnight most evenings. Then...
  • maria@moneyprinciple: Welcome to the club, Brian, and well done. It felt wonderful to read your story and all the...
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